Ridiculous Movie Mistakes You Totally Missed

Published on June 4, 2018
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Movie Mistakes

It takes a lot of time and effort to create a movie from start to finish. However, sometimes it doesn’t matter how much funding a producer pours into a film, there are just some things that go unnoticed. Things that no one catches, until they do. And usually when they do, it’s too late. In this situation, all we can do is look at these errors and cringe. It’s far too late for a quick re-shoot or edit.

You probably never even had a clue that some of your favorite films, some of the world’s most celebrated movies, have huge mistakes in them! Warning…if you read through this list, it could ruin these movies for you, but now, you’re probably dying to know what exactly is messed up in these films. Most of these mistakes you would not expect a multi-million dollar film to leave uncorrected. Somehow, all of these errors went unnoticed. Yes, mistakes happen, but these could likely affect how you see these iconic films or at least certain scenes. It can be hard to pretend you don’t see these glaring mistakes after hearing about them. So, sorry in advance, but we tried to warn you!

Listen, these mistakes go above and beyond. That’s why they could potentially ruin the film for you and lower the quality of your next viewing experience significantly. From the production assistants to the director and film engineers, you would think one person would have seen these monstrous errors. Maybe it’s sort of comforting to know that even the big shots can mess up big time. Next time you make a mistake at work, try to comfort yourself by remembering these huge movie mistakes on multi-million dollar films. Now, let’s get on to the mistakes. From Pirates of the Caribbean, Back to the Future, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Grease, She’s All That to Harry Potter and so many more. Seriously, these are critically acclaimed, classic movies with big movie mistakes that you never even noticed. So, get ready for your world to be flipped upside down! These are monumental. We wonder if the famous stars of these films ever noticed these movie mistakes themselves! Surely, that could really bother them too. We hope they didn’t see these, for their own sanity. Anyway, it’s time to take a look at these epic movie mistakes that made it to the big screen.

‘Pretty Woman’ – Transforming Breakfast

This error is pretty easy to catch actually! There’s a scene showing Julia Robert’s character eating a croissant for breakfast but in the next shot, she’s eating a pancake. Smooth.

Pretty Woman' Transforming Breakfast

Pretty Woman’ – Transforming Breakfast