15+ Costumes Mistakes In Major Films

Published on June 26, 2017
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After all the work put into some of the big budget movies, it’s quite surprising when we find hilarious and sometimes just silly errors in their making. Whether it’s a time period issue, setting or just a mishap the cast or editors didn’t notice, it’s fun to jump on them, especially when it’s their jobs. But luckily for us, there are fans out there determined to show every flaw they can find in our beloved films that we just couldn’t notice before. It’s tough to think the directors couldn’t have seen it as if they learned film making from an online college but then again we missed it too so we can’t blame them too much, right?

Dirty Dancing: Baby’s Shorts Needed To Be A Skirt

Set in 1963, this blast from the past was an epic ride for everyone who has seen it, besides those that noticed Baby wearing jean shorts that only came into fashion much later in the 80’s. Still, this dance drama melted our hearts with its love story and cool moves that we still emulate today at home in our undies. When we’re not cramming for an online college exam of course.

Dirty Dancing Babys Shorts

Dirty Dancing

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